Cybersecurity Analytics - I

by Pace University



Fri - 10 20 | 12:00 PM

Zoom Online


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This is part one in the Cybersecurity Analytics with Python workshop series.


The workshop series aims to provide:

1. A general roadmap for working with Cybersecurity-related data.

2. An understanding of basic techniques and tools to analyze Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) data using Python, Jupyter Notebook, padas and nltk libraries.

3. Some practical implementations of the techniques used in data analytics such as data wrangling, data query, data processing, data cleaning, data visualization etc.



- Zoom client is required; this is a virtual workshp.

- A Google account is required to use the Google Colab environment during this workshop.

- Basic knowledge of programming is prefered, such as Python or other computer programming languages.


Workshop 1 Data Wrangling

In this workshop we will learn how to load and inspect CVE data for a simple analysis.

After completing this workshop, you will know:

- How to use the Google Colab Environment;

- How to load CVE data;

- How to read compressed CSV as Dataframe;

- How to query, select, and filter data;

- How to save data as csv format on hard-drive.



- Participants may need to share their computer screen during the workshop for discussion and debugging;

- This workshop may be recorded for academic purpose.

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